Boat-Expo. "Yacht. Flag and Policy"

всего: 008.04.10

The Round Table Yachts Registration and Insurance in Ukraine was successfully held within the framework of the exhibition. This year the round table passed in non-conventional atmosphere. "Odessa" yacht-club invited “International Law Offices”, “Rosgosstrakh”, Bureau Veritas and participants of the round tables "Yachts Registration and Insurance" and "Certification of Low Tonnage Vessels" in the mess room of the club to hold the event.


Nikolay Melnykov, partner of “International Law Offices” and Egor Kanunnikov, Director of Yacht Insurance Department were moderators of the round table. The success was provided by interesting presentations of moderators together with comfortable atmosphere, interested participants and current technical equipment of the mess room.


“International Law Offices” and co-moderators express gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition Boat-Expo and to the director of “Odessa” yacht-club for the possibility to participate in the exhibition and hold the event.

Our presentations and round tables are becoming more recognizable from year to year that is supported by increasing amount of listeners.