Interlegal Workspace in the framework of the 14th International Conference Oil and Fat Industry – 2015

7 марта 2017 г.: en 1 всего: 106.11.15


Interlegal organized the Workspace in the framework of the 14th International Conference “Oil and Fat Industry – 2015” held at the Brisrol Hotel, Odessa, on November, 5-6. Workspace was located in the hotel entrance hall where Interlegal top experts consulted participants of the seminar upon the concerned issues. Two free seminars were held on November, 5, in the afternoon, for participants of the Conference and guests of Interlegal.

The first seminar of Interlegal Workspace was called “Contracts and Shipments: Decrease of Risks and Costs”. Dmitriy Zagorodnyuk, senior lawyer of Interlegal, made a presentation highlighting the subtle aspects which should be taken into account both during conclusion and performance of the contract. Practical examples showed the typical mistakes and their results. Furthermore, he gave general recommendations upon settlement of problems, clauses which shall be included into the contract and instruments which shall be applied.

The second seminar “International Trade: Companies, Accounts, Taxes” presented by Irina Voyevodina, senior lawyer of Interlegal, touched the issues of opening non-resident trading company in the convenient jurisdiction, opening bank account at the European bank, application of transfer pricing regulations to operations with non-residents and peculiarities of international commercial contracts.

Interlegal Workspace gathered over 60 guests. Participants of the seminar could have further communication with Interlegal experts and speakers. All the participants were awarded personal certificates on prepaid services of Interlegal in the amount equal to 400 US dollars. Interlegal expresses gratitude to all the seminar participants for their interest and is sure that the acquired knowledge will grant effective settlement of problems.