Interlegal Celebrates 19th Birthday!

всего: 028.11.14


The first year has passed since our adulthood and now we are 19! In spite of our young age, we are one of the most mature law firms in Ukraine.

Keeping to the tradition, Interlegal started its 19th Birth Day celebration with a corporate conference. It was very impressive, vivid and with humorous undertone. Interlegal partners, senior lawyers, lawyers and executive service managers, in their presentations, shared an outstandingly interesting information and experience. Topics of presentations discovered many specific aspects of our practices, corporate culture, marketing and management.



Our celebration went on with the corporate quest, in which 5 teams were contesting the victory. Thematic scope of the quest was Old Odessa. We thank Alexander Babich, author of the project ‘Tudoy-syudoy’ for excellent conduct of the competition. The quest won captain’s Alexey Remeslo team consisting of Nikolay Melnikov, Artem Skorobogatov, Nina Bezmenova and Alla Agbash.




Wonderful dinner at cozy restaurant Shalanda in Otrada became a final stage of our birthday. Competitive spirit reigned during corporate Mafia, which Anna Goncharuk has conducted flawlessly and without sparing her voice.



Delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere gave us an opportunity to talk informally and not about work. We sincerely thank all those who helped us to organize our celebration.

See you next year!