Interlegal - partner of the 1st round of the Ukrainian Agricultural Congress

всего: 018.10.15


Interlegal was a partner of the 1st round of the Ukrainian Agricultural Congress organized jointly by the Ukrainian Grain Association and APK Inform, held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel, Kiev, on October, 15-16. Like in the season 2014/2015, the Congress consisted of three events, each devoted to the most vital issues of global and Ukrainian agricultural business development and building a dialogue between agricultural business and government.

Artem Skorobogatov, the associated partner of Interlegal, presented the report “The Traders’ Vital Problems during Land and Sea Grain Trade”. He highlighted the following problems of this marketing year, being essential for traders:

(1) arrests of vessels with grain cargo at the Ukrainian port due to suspicions of calls at the Crimean ports;

(2) arrests of grain cargo at terminals and on board of vessels due to criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian exporters.

The report included also generalization of Interlegal  practice upon the corresponding case categories, recommendations upon preventing the risk of traders’ facing similar situations in future, as well as measures taken by traders in case of such situations in order to decrease potential losses upon cargo storage and discharge, vessel detention, cancellation of contracts and possible loss of seized goods due to its forced storage.

First round of the Congress gathered over 170 участников. Interlegal expresses gratitude to the Ukrainian Grain Association and APK Inform and hopes for further development of our partnership.