International Conference “Practical aspects of maritime navigation”

29 декабря 2017 г.: ru 1 всего: 130.09.13


Once again “Interlegal” was the co-organizer of the annual International Conference “PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF MARITIME NAVIGATION” held on the 27th of September 2013 at the Hotel «Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg», St. Petersburg, jointly with Remedy Law Company (Russia) and Dealex Company (Russia). This year the conference was devoted to Line Transportations. 



“Interlegal” was represented by Mr. Artur Nitsevych, the partner, and Sergey Kalitenko, the lawyer. It is notable that the audience was especially interested in the report “Peculiarities of Line Transportations in Ukraine” presented by Sergey Kalitenko. During the conference the participants discussed vital issues regarding line business, role of letter of credit in line transportations, functions of line operator and marine administration, peculiarities of line business customs regulation, out-of-gauge cargo transportation along inland waterways, prospects of opening inland waterways for foreign ship owners, peculiarities of arbitration practice in line navigation and practical aspects of organization of new lines. The reporters were famous experts and leaders in maritime, financial, tax and customs law, experts in navigation business, maritime and insurance law, practicing lawyers of main companies from Russia, Ukraine, England, Germany, Italy and Latvia.