Port of Illichivsk: Investment Opportunities and Challenges

9 марта 2017 г.: en 1 всего: 126.02.16

Arthur Nitsevych, partner of Interlegal, participated in the Investment Forum “Port of Illichivsk: Investment Opportunities and Challenges”, held in Odessa on February, 25. Interlegal has been giving legal support to many investment projects at the Illichivsk Sea Port since 1999.

In such an important not only for the port but also for the whole country event participated: Yuriy Vaskov, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure; Andrey Amelin, Director of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority; Vadim Gruzin, Head of Executive Office of the Odessa Region State Administration; Gennadiy Skvortsov, head of the Illichivsk Sea Port Authority; Sergey Rudenko, Rector of the Odessa National Maritime University; Sergey Kryzhanovskiy, Director of the Illichivsk Commercial Sea Port, and representatives of companies – potential investors. A good mark is that both national and foreign companies showed interest in the forum. Now the Illichivsk Commercial Sea Port is the main Ukrainian sea port standing as a basis for development of intermodal transportations through the Black Sea Region, i.e. container, railway ferry and car ferry carriages.

Yuriy Vaskov stated, - “Port of Illichivsk is especially attractive for investors. Now it has been developing nearly ten interesting projects. Each project estimates sums starting from tens millions of US dollars”.

Development of public-private partnership is a good example of changes which will provide recovery to Ukrainian economics and display fair play policy of State and private investors safeguard.