The 5th All-Ukrainian Forum of the UAA “Kiev Spring”

всего: 021.03.16

 On March 18, 2016, Interlegal in the person of Olena Ptashenchuk, the lawyer, participated in the 5th All-Ukrainian Forum of the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association on Civil Law and Procedure “Kiev Spring”.

Traditionally the forum gathered over two hundred advocates, lawyers, judges, scholars and practitioners from all over Ukraine. At the forum, besides the standard problematic issues of civil law and procedure, discussion was devoted to practice and trends of foreign economic developments in business activities. The following vital themes were presented to the participants: alternative procedures of settlement of disputes in Ukraine, advantages of the ICC arbitration, risks and problems of international transportations, defense of investors’ rights abroad as illustrated by Lithuania experience, disputes with creditors while initiating the bankruptcy proceedings.

Special attention was paid to the issues of debt recovery in the Crimea by the Ukrainian creditors and prospects of bar monopoly in Ukraine.

The event confirmed that nowadays the national lawyers are open-minded, ready to the dialogue, and aimed at constructive settlement of problematic moments in the jurisprudence. Similar events under the auspices of the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association are the good venue for professional communication and sharing experience.