Vessel collision: law aspects. Interlegal workshop at the Odessa National Maritime University

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On November 14, 2016, Interlegal lawyer Vitalii Tolstik held the traditional autumn workshop at the Odessa National Maritime University on the theme “Vessel collision: law aspects”.

Workshop highlighted the issues of concept determination of vessel collision, international and other law sources governing this aspect, vessel master’s actions before and after collision, civil and criminal jurisdiction of cases upon vessel collision, damage recovery and restriction of shipowner’s liability upon the property claims, range of persons whose rights may be violated due to vessel collision and other issues regarding this maritime accident.

Special attention was drawn to priority of vessel master’s actions in case of vessel collision, as per the international practice and national law provisions, the necessity in detailed determination, description and proof of circumstances under which the vessels collided. Presentation was based on practical examples from experience of Interlegal experts.

The lecture was supported by case study, which introduced the audience to cases of Interlegal practice and awoke a keen interest among the students.

The most active students were awarded the Interlegal guidebooks “Vessel collision” and were invited to the Open Doors Day at Interlegal.