XIII International Exhibition “Shipbuilding 2007” in Nikolaev

всего: 023.05.07

On the 23-25 of May 2007 the XIII International Exhibition “Shipbuilding 2007” and the V Specialized Exhibition “The Marine transport” took place in Nikolaev city.


The XIII International Exhibition “Shipbuilding 2007” and the V specialized exhibition “The Marine transport” took place in the expo-centre “Exponikolaev”. This year more then 60 companies from Russia, Poland, Denmark and Ukraine participated in the exhibition.


Тhe exhibition is held with the purpose to attract the investments into shipbuilding and to increase the effectiveness of the productive capacity. The Ukrainian association of the shipbuilders “Ukrsudoprom” takes part in the process of this exhibition. The new chairman of the legal committee was chosen: it became Melnykov Nikolay Vladimirovych – specialist of the marine law, lawyer, partner of the Law Firm “International Law Offices”.


The “International Law Offices” for many years permanently takes part in the exhibition process. The partners Arthur Nitsevych and Nikolay Melnykov visited the exhibition with the purpose of the examination of question concerning the condition of the investments attraction into the field of shipbuilding as well as for meeting and negotiating with the representatives of the “Ukrsudoprom” Association.


In exposition there were represented the vessels, yachts, ship equipment, projects and technologies, complexness, materials and instruments for the shipbuilding and repair, port equipment, etc.


The city of Nikolaev was represented by the 19 companies, among which - the shipyard “Dumen Shipyards Ocean”, GTRPC “Zarya- Mashproekt”, factory “Liman”, “Equator”, design office “Chernomorsudoproekt”, National University of the shipbuilding by the name of admiral Makarov.


The exhibitions “ Shipbuilding” and “Marine transport” reminded about the problems of shipbuilders of Nikolaev city.


The chief of the regional state administration Aleksandr Sadykov, the mayor of Nikolaev Chayka Vladymir, vice-president of the “Ukrsudprom” Association Viktor Lisitsky greeted the participants of the exhibition. In spite of the reserved seeming optimism, the speakers couldn’t hide the anxiety of the general condition of the shipbuilding and the fact of the decreasing of exhibition participant’s number. The appeal to the government to pay proper attention to the field that is able to become the economic engine of the country doesn’t have an effect yet.


“…..the Ship repairing factory is lost, and also we can loose the factory by the 61 of communard…”, accentuated the mayor. & ldquo;…As a result, only 7 percent of the municipal budget contains the receipts from the shipbuilding. For the field being created by the city of Nikolaev this number is really absurd….”