Marriage in Ukraine (general information)

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The principal law governing marriage in Ukraine is the Family Code of Ukraine effective as of 1 January, 2004.

The law of Ukraine determines a marriage as a family union of a man and a woman, registered at the civil registry office.

Marriageable age

The law of Ukraine stipulates the following age of marriage: for women - 17 years and for men -18 years.

Persons wishing to register their marriage have to reach the age of marriage by the date of marriage registration.

Right to marry

Persons who have reached the age of marriage have the right to marry. Upon application of a person who has reached the age of 14 years the court can grant him/her the right to marry if this answers his/her interests.

Voluntary marriage

A marriage is to be based on a free consent of a woman and man. Forcing a woman or a man to marry is not permitted. A marriage registered with a person, who is legally incapable or who has not realized the significance of his/her actions or could not control his/her actions is invalid.


A woman and a man can enter only one marriage at the same time. A woman and a man can remarry only after the previous marriage has been dissolved.

The conditions of marriage mentioned above are obligatory for all people wishing to get married according to the law of Ukraine.

Invalid marriage

A marriage between the following persons is deemed to be invalid:

  • persons who are related to one another by blood;
  • full blood and half blood brothers and sisters;
  • cousins, aunts, uncles and nephews, nieces;
  • a natural child and an adopted child, as well as adopted children. The court however can permit such marriages.
  • an adopter and an adopted child. A marriage between an adopter and an adopted child can be registered only after an adoption has been dissolved.

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