Registration of shipping lines: same course, new lines

всего: 004.12.13

The Ministry of Infrastructure recently adopted a new version of the Regulation on Procedures for Registration of International Shipping Lines operating in Ukrainian ports (Order 790, October 14 2013). The amendment of the regulation was a logical step in the ongoing port reforms and reallocation of functions to the Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine (ASPU).

To a certain extent, the amended regulation simplifies the procedure for coordinating international shipping line registration. Previously, it was necessary to coordinate the vessel's schedule and to conclude a contract with the administration of each port of call separately. These functions have now become centralised and all coordination has been delegated to the ASPU.

Another innovation is that the confirmation of the registration of the shipping line, in a form prescribed by the regulation, must now be delivered not only to the administration of the port of call, but also to the international line operator. A certified copy of the confirmation must be sent to the line operator within 10 days of the decision to register a foreign shipping line being approved by the State Inspectorate of Ukraine on Safety at Sea and River Transport. The advantage is that there is no need to apply for a new confirmation if the number of vessel calls exceeds the registered number.

Certain changes concern the suspension of confirmation. The effect of confirmation may be suspended by the State Inspectorate of Ukraine on Safety at Sea and River Transport in the following cases:

loss of the features of an international shipping line;
violation of the regulation;
non-compliance with the schedule of vessels;
non-compliance with the registered minimum number of vessel calls at the mandatory ports of call; or
on the initiative of the international line operator.

In the event of suspension, 10 days' notice must be given to the line operator, the ship agent and the ASPU in writing.

The amended regulation should adapt the shipping line registration process to the modern shipping market. It should also simplify and speed up the procedure for international line operators and local maritime agents, as well as creating favourable conditions for increasing the number of line vessel calls to Ukraine and enhancing the competitiveness of Ukrainian ports.


Alexander Chebotarenko for www.internationallawoffice.com

Author: Alexander Chebotarenko