Юридические фирмы Украины 2012

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Ежегодный рейтинг юридических фирм Украины


На основании рейтинга каждый год для клиентов издаётся специальная брошюра «Справочник для иностранных клиентов». подробнее


По данным ежегодного исследования рынка юридических фирм в сфере транспорта и инфраструктуры были выбраны 5 ведущих юридических фирм.


Who is Who в сфере транспорта?


ЮФ Международная Юридическая Служба заняла почетное место в ТОП 5 лидирующих юридических компаний в сфере транспорта, уступив только компании Василь Кисиль и партнеры.


В рейтинге персоналий ведущими юристами в пятерке лидеров стали Артур Ницевич, управляющий партнер «Интерлегал» и Артем Скоробогатов, ассоциированный партнер «Интерлегал».


In details


Issues on foreign trade and international cargo carriage made up the majority of the work of transport lawyers, says Artem Skorobogatov, associated partner of International Law Offices. Introduction of grain export quotas in 2010 and their replacement by duties on 2011 caused a number of claims and disputes between the parties to foreign trade in international arbitration courts. Moreover, the complications with the customs clearance of goods led to significant losses of the consignees and material change of the transit and import cargo flows.


In addition the news covered a wide range of marine accidents in Ukraine.


“We cannot but mention inauguration of the first private container terminal TIS with the direct transatlantic service ECUMED from Maersk as it is one of the significant transport events of 2011”, he adds. Development of a variety of important transport regulatory documents (the Acts of Ukraine On Sea Ports and On Container Carriages, Customs Code of Ukraine) also required active involvement of transport experts.


“Next year will hardly give much time for the rest. Ukraine’s accession to the International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to the Arrest of Sea-Going Ships (1952) will correct the arrest mechanisms of the vessels in Ukrainian ports. In case the mentioned regulatory documents come into force, the transport business of the country will be shaken by many revolutions which, in turn, will lead to a rise in the legal workload”, the expert concluded.


Enjoying highly deserved reputation transport issues, especially in shipping and maritime, International Law Offices (Interlegal), Odessa, assisted clients including Global Ocean Link, Groupama Transport, COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd, Maersk Ukraine Ltd, Imperial Group, Оil Marine Group Ltd in liability insurance. The standout names are Arthur Nitsevych, Artem Skorobogatov and Natalia Myroshnychenko, who also were involved in assistance in conclusion of a number of annual liner contracts and in the proceedings on violation of the customs rules and confiscation of vessels and yachts. The team participated in settlement of the consequences of oil spills and settlement of marine accidents and represented the interests of cargo owners in relations with adjusters on general averages concerning CMA CGM Verlaine and Norasia Taurus.


Nikolay Melnykov is a well-known practitioner specializing in yachting.