A new enjoyable format of communication with lawyers has been invented

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On the 19th of April 15 students of the National University Odessa Law Academy had a cup of coffee in the office of Interlegal.


Whatever have we made in order to involve young lawyers in the attempt to raise an interest among the young and talented ones! Interlegal shows the enviable permanency in choosing the most creative and stylish ways of information reporting. Being always in trend our team has been offering a cup of tea with the senior colleague foe the students of law universities. So, the new format, coffee with the lawyer – help yourself!



What does Coffee-party with lawyer mean?


We have invited 15 students from the Law and Justice center and League of UBA Students (National University Odessa Law Academy) and proposed them to learn about practice of the dominating law office in the maritime law in the course of amicable talk, drinking coffee and watching the presentation. During the whole days groups of three or four students arrived. One of the partners invites them for talking at one table with convenient watching of the presentation by the notebook and having a cup of coffee during the talks. What do the students need? Nothing, but to have a good mood and to prepare the questions regarding the maritime law practice.


For the first time, during the coffee-party we told the students about our company and its main practices. It was not difficult for students to communicate with us under informal and amicable conditions and to get focused on the most interesting topics. The next meetings will be devoted to any law issue. Moreover, we may discuss with the students what the following topic we should choose.


Schedule of Coffee-party with lawyer is specified at our page in Facebook, at our website. We are always glad to see you. Interlegal thanks the organizers from the National University Odessa Law Academy for their assistance in organization and invitation of talkers.


Welcome at our cup of coffee!


News prepared by

Interlegal press service

23 April 2013