Black Sea transport forum.

всего: 026.10.06

The representative of “The International Law Offices” – lawyer, advocate Losevsksya Alyona, being a delegate of the International Black Sea Transport Forum, had addressed the transport symposium with the report “Joint activity in the transport sphere. Advantages, peculiarities and practice”.


Symposium consists of: the 9th international transport and logistics conference “Transport strategy of Ukraine and integration processes”, and the 8th international conference “Sea and river shipping. Problems of economic interaction, functioning and development”.


Forum had been held under the support of the International Marine Organization, Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine; International Association of shipowners of the Black Sea basin; Ukrport; Ukrainian Shipowners’ Asociation.


Also exhibitions were organized in the context of the forum: the 8th international exhibition in transport and logistics “TransUkraine 2006, international exhibition “Container Service. Transportation”. The 7th exhibition-symposium in shipping, shipbuilding and development of the ports “Odessa 212”.


The transport forum in Odessa is an event which gives a possibility share the experience for the representatives of different organizations, increasing of the turnover of goods and improving methods of the realization of the transport strategy of Ukraine.


One may become acquainted with the report of Alyona Losevskaya on the pages of the weekly IA magazine “Transport” in the part comments and reviews and surely on the pages of the Forum’s official catalog ( p. 127).