“Interlegal” Partners delegation on Maritime Cyprus 2013

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This fall striking team of” Interlegal” Partners visited one of the main autumn event – Maritime Cyprus 2013 which has become one of the biggest networking events in maritime society recent years. Three partners successfully landed in Cyprus: Arthur Nitsevych, Nikolay Melnykov, and Nataliya Myroshnychenko.

The “Maritime Cyprus” Conference has been established as a biennial event in Cyprus. The success of this Conference is attributed, to a large extent, to the high calibre of the speakers and the large number of shipping executives attending the Conference from around the globe. The main theme of the “Maritime Cyprus 2013” Conference, which is the 13th, since it was first established in 1989, is “Shipping Today”. As the theme suggests the Conference was focused on the crucial matters concerning the international shipping industry today.

The conference was officially opened by H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades. Distinguished guests such as, the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, Representatives of the European Commission and other personalities of the International Shipping scene addressed the conference. The opening at the “Evagoras Lanitis Centre” in Limassol was a great success as it has been attended by distinguished speakers and more than 600 shipping personalities from around the world.

The discussions focused on the difficulties that the industry faces today in obtaining ship finance due to the reluctance of lenders caused by the unprecedentedly difficult economic situation worldwide. Concluding, the panelists expressed the view that in the near future shipping and the freight market will improve as it is anticipated that banks will have renewed appetite for shipping once more thereby making funding available for owners with a solid track record.

Another discussion covered various aspects, such as perspectives beyond the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, seafarers (homo maritimus) and Information Technology as well as new challenges in shipping. Particular emphasis was granted to the increasing need/demand for competent crew in view of the rapid expansion of the world fleet (84,000 oceangoing vessels) and the shortage of seafarers at the same time (by 2015 there will be a shortage of 60,000 officers/ competent crew members). The need for investment in the human factor was stressed out, since good seafaring competence can guarantee safe and profitable operations, through communicating the multiple opportunities for recruitment, the attractive salaries, as well as caring for appropriate and innovative employment and living conditions. The need to establish, beyond MLC, supplementary appropriate arrangements in order to remedy the problem of the abandonment of seafarers in case of shipowner’s insolvency, was expressed during this debate. The establishment of such arrangements requires the cooperation of all stakeholders involved, such as Flag States, Port State Control Authorities, Trade Unions, Shipowners, Bankers, Insurers. Furthermore, the discussions underlined the necessity to promote the seafaring profession through appropriate media campaigns.

As set tradition of Maritime Cyprus days became multiple receptions and parties beautifully arranged for colleagues, partners, clients and guests to maintain semi-formal networking very common in maritime industry in particular. One of the brightest events of that kind was a reception of year WISTA Cyprus, National association of WISTA International devoted to the 2nd anniversary of national branch.

It was a vivid and inspiring event which gathered main players of Cyprus and European shipping and WISTA Cyprus members - top management women in shipping industry. Together with “Interlegal” colleagues, Nataliya Myroshnychenko, as the President of WISTA Ukrainian attended this event where she congratulated WISTA Cyprus with their achievements and wished further success and prosperity. National Ukrainian gift was presented by Nataliya to Despina Theodossiou, the President of WISTA Cyprus, as the recognition of the high status and prominent role of this organization in the shipping sphere.


On 7th October 2013 together with correspondent offices from Cyprus, Russia, USA and Italy a mini-conference was held. The below mentioned interesting topics were covered by:

George M. Chalos: Sailing the Seas of Uncertainty: Shipping’s Fight for Due Process in the US
Arthur Nitsevych: Shipping Developments in the Black Sea region (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Moldova)
Alberto Batini: The Costa Concordia Case and Criminal Liability of  Seafarers under Italian Law
Maxim Puslis: Litigation in Russia. Some Practical Aspects for Foreign Claimants
Sonia Ajini: Private Ship Security Companies and their Certification under the Cypriot “anti-piracy” Law


On 8th October 2013, together with correspondent offices from Cyprus, Russia, USA and Italy ”Interlegal” had a reception at the Lighthouse Bar on the sea front attended by some 120 clients and colleagues.