Interlegal – legal partner of the conference «Fat-and-Oil Industry 2016»

17 февраля 2017 г.: ru 1 20 февраля 2017 г.: ru 1 всего: 228.10.16

The 15th jubilee annual conference “Fat-and-Oil Industry 2016”was held on October 26-27, 2016, for oilseed and by-product market specialists.

At the first session, Interlegal associated partner Artem Skorobogatov presented a report “Topical legal issues for international trading with oilseeds and vegetable oils” which highlighted peculiarities of cases upon release of unlawfully withdrawn/arrested cargos at the Ukrainian ports.

In the framework of the conference, Interlegal experts held two optional free-of-charge workshops which awoke expected particular interest among participants.

At the first workshop “FOSFA contracts & ASBATANKVOY charter” Andrey Perepelitsa and Olena Ptashenchuk touched the issues of solving some untypical situations in forwarding activity arising from performance of contracts under the English law.

Interlegal leading corporate experts Irina Voyevodina and Viktoria Ruseva held the second workshop “Work with non-resident companies in 2016-2017” devoted to the latest trends in respect of non-resident companies, holding structures and bank accounts; problematic issues and proposed ways of their settlement.

After the conference, at the gala-dinner devoted to its 15th anniversary, participants could talk in unofficial atmosphere and discuss results of the event.

We express gratitude to our partner APK Inform-Agency for perfect organization of the jubilee forum.