IV legal conference in Sudak

всего: 024.05.07

During four days the Crimean city Sudak became a peculiar legal capital as from the 24th to the 27th of May the 4th bar conference of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) and the 1st Bar Assembly of ABU were held here.


More than 100 participants wished to take part in the conference who represented about 50 companies all over Ukraine. The program of the conference was rather rich: meetings, seminars, round tables. All these events helped to cover not only general problems of law, but also practical ways of decision of conflict situations.


On the 26th of May the Round table was held by the representatives of Odessa Division of Ukrainian Bar Association: moderator Taras Shepel and delegate Artem Skorobagatov, partners of International Law Offices. Ghenadiy Zhidkov was the speaker of the Round table and introduced the report “Social hearings in the field of construction”


Igor Shevshenko, president of UBA opened the plenary session and congratulated all participants with the new stage of the conference and gaining new knowledge. Sergiy Konnov, vice-president assured that UBA would become stronger and its influence would grow.


Participants of the conference shared opinions on the principal purpose of UBA. According to the opinion of many participants the organization was to contribute the development of society, to improve the quality of life, to take part in drafting of legislation, to establish not only divisions but also departments of UBA in small towns.


The main event took place on the 3rd day of the conference. At the meeting of the 1st Bar Assembly of UBA the election of president, vice-president, members of board of directors and revision commission of UBA.


The head Igor Shevchenko informed that the session on the 1st Bar Assembly was duly convoked and all procedure requirements were adhered to. The delegates a approved the agenda and supported the proposition to take all decisions by open vote except for election of administrative staff of UBA which is to be held secretly.


Igor Shevchenko, introducing the report, noticed that today UBA counted more then one and a half thousand members. The evidence of the active activity of the Association was its cooperation with European Union, participation in different international contests in different areas of law and its entry into International Bar Association. Prior to start the procedure of election of president and vice-president of UBA, of members of board of directors and revision commission the delegated of the Assembly listened to the speech of the head of election committee of UBA Denis Bugay. He told that the nomination process passed according to constituent documents of UBA. After that the head introduced the candidates to the delegates of the Assembly.


The post of the President was taken by the present vice-president of the organization Sergiy Konnov, who was the only candidate. The post of the vice-president was taken by Aminat Suleymanova, the head of the division in Kiev.


The President Igor Shevchenko congratulated his successor and expressed his hope that the organization would continue to improve its authority, to expand its activity and to unite as many lawyers as possible in all parts of Ukraine with embodiment of new ideas in life.


The new elected President read out the program of UBA work for 2007-2008 and the delegates unanimously approved it. This voting was the last stage of work of the 1st Bar Assembly.


Тhe conference in Crimea opened new borders of communication to its participants. The association supports the idea of holding bar conferences in different cities of Ukraine and every time it opens new possibilities. Next year the conference will take place in Donetsk.


The material of site of UBA was used for the news.