Members of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine met CEO of the Nautical Institute

всего: 020.04.16


On Wednesday, 19.04.2016, at the Interlegal office, members of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine met Phillip Wake, CEO of the Nautical Institute. At the meeting, CEO of the Nautical Institute informed about the Institute’s latest initiatives, such as insurance for seamen – Institute members against criminal cases, advantages of the members’ online-portfolios under the auspices of the Institute, and many others.


It was a welcome surprise for the Ukrainian colleagues: Phillip Wake awarded Arthur Nitsevych , Chairman of the NIU, an official Member Certificate of the Council of the Nautical Institute (FNI), under the Nautical Institute Decision dd. December 3, 2015, for significant contribution to maritime industry and science and for systematic work aimed at persistent achievement of the Institute’s goals.


Phillip Wake awarded also Professor Vladimir Torskiy, FNI, the NIU Honorary Secretary, in honor of his merits to the Nautical Institute, and Captain Valeriy Latypov, the NIU First Chairman.


Mr. Wake visited Ukraine due to participation in the International Forum on Seafarers’ Education, Training and Crewing held on April 20-21, 2016, at the Odessa Commercial Sea Port Expo Center.