Round table “Maritime Journalism: Quo Vadis?”

26 апреля 2017 г.: en 1 всего: 124.10.16

15th jubilee of the journal “Sea Review”, published by the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, was celebrated at the Interlegal Conference Hall on October 19, 2016. The event was moderated by Vladimir Torsky and Nikolay Melnykov.

Celebration of the journal’s three half-decades was held for a good purpose, with open discussion in the form of round table devoted to problems of the whole Ukrainian maritime journalism. Elite of maritime journalism, members of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine and maritime experts gathered at the conference hall. Besides congratulations and best wishes said to Professor Vladimir Torsky, permanent chief editor and honorable secretary of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, round table also concerned discussion of numerous vital issues. Participants, in combative mood and with marine enthusiasm, discussed survival conditions for the maritime journal, competition between hard and electronic copies, financing methods, scope of audience, vitality of themes and volumes, multi-language factor and many others.

It is obvious that speakers, eager to discuss, touched regularly vital issues for the whole Ukrainian maritime industry, such as employment of seafarers, ship repair, permit system and so on.

Chief editor Vladimir Torsky stated some facts about the journal. Few people knew that the first issue of the journal contained 16 pages, while the jubilee edition has 44 pages. Sea Review has a status of international maritime journal. Few journals may be proud of congratulation from the Queen of England. Roman Morgenstern emphasized that Sea Review is the journal with a charm of aristocracy – and hit the bull’s eye! That’s exactly what all the readers feel and that’s what draws thousands of fans of this modest aristocrat with English accent.

We express gratitude to V. Torsky and V. Topalov for their exquisite professional style and long-term dedication to the noble cause of maritime journalism. We are looking forward to the next jubilee with great pleasure!))