The 9th Annual Law Forum the Development of the Legal Service Market in Ukraine – 2013 took place in Kiev 22 February 2013

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Artur Nitsevych and Nikolay Melnykov, partners of Interlegal took place in the 9th Annual Law Forum the Development of the Legal Service Market in Ukraine – 2013 which took place in Kiev on the 22nd of February. The forum was held by the Ukrainian Bar Association. The forum is the main event of the year for directors of law offices and directors in business development.


The basic goal of the forum is analysis of current trends at the law market of the country, forecast of practice development in the new year and analysis of the results of the past.


The participants included lawyers from Ukraine, Russia (their number increased), guests from Germany, Switzerland, Byelorussia.


‘For nine years we have become partners and even friends instead of competitors’, said Mr. Oleg Makarov, the ideologist and organizer, member of the Ukrainian Bar Association Administration (managing partner of the JSC Vasyl Kisil and Partners).


Mr. Valentin Zagaria, president of the Ukrainian Bar Association, took part in the forum and announced the nearest events and initiatives of the Ukrainian Bar Association.


Among the most interesting reports and lectures there was a unique presentation prepared by Mr. Pavel Sheremeti, the President of the Kiev School of Economy. He has stated the direction by means of which the lawyer may find its blue ocean via innovations, courage and goodwill.


There were also interesting presentations prepared by Sergey Sveriba, the law business company Yegorov, Puginskiy, Afanasyev and Partners; Valentin Zagaria, Law Federation Spencer and Kaufmann notified on the new Law on bar and Advocacy; Sergey Kozyakov, the acknowledged maître of law practice, partner of the Associate Federation Sergey Kozyakov and Partners told about evolution of the judicial system in Ukraine and the latest reforms.


The second section was devoted to relationship with clients, how to find the ideal client, how to create relationship with the client and which are the client’s tender points.


In the second section Timur Bondarev, partner of JSC Arzinger, raised the issue of ethics at the law market. Aleksey Didkovskiy, partner of the Law Federation Asters shared its experience. Viktoriya Ptashnik, partner of the Law Comapny Legal Alliance told about the conflict of interests. Aleksandr Khvoschinskiy (Russia), managing partner of the Legal Stratagency, the acknowledged expert in business development, told about mutual relations with the client by means of the dialogue about prices and values.


The forum program included one more important set of issues: ways of creating the effective partnership in the law company, new partner acceptance, their professional development, distribution of finances in the company. Mikhail Safarov, partner of VEGAS-LEX (Russia), Andrey Stelmaschuk, partner of the JSC Legal Federation Vasyl Kisil and Partners, Sergey Chornyi, managing partner of Baker & Mackenzie CIS Ltd and Irina Nikitina, the independent advisor, took part in the panel discussion.


The forum final session was held as discussion upon issues which are beyond the law business but influence on its development. They are: financial flow distribution, role of the administrative staff in the company management, motivation of subordinates etc.


After the working part of the forum was over the participants went on with informal communication with the colleagues during the evening buffet reception.


On preparing the release we used information from the website www.uba.ua


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