Under the results of polling the attendants the lawyers of Interlegal are recognized as the best lecturers of the 3rd session of All-Ukrainian School on Maritime Law

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On the 2nd and 3rd of March 2013 the third annual educational event named School on Maritime Law was held at the National University Odessa Law Academy. It was organized by the National University Odessa Law Academy, the Student’s Scientific Partnership and the League of Students, the youth branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association.


Interlegal has been traditionally the partner of the event and it involves its lecturers, experts in maritime and transport law, in participation therein. This year the lawyers Andrey Perepelitsa and Alexey Remeslo enlightened the issues regarding practice of sea transportation and enforcement of international arbitration awards in Ukraine.


Artem Skorobogatov, the associate partner of Interlegal, Head of the Department of the Ukrainian Bar Association in Odessa Region, greeted the participants of the School on Maritime Law. In his welcome speech he congratulated the delegates and emphasized the importance of holding similar events for the maritime industry.


The School gathered 56 attendants – students, postgraduates, teachers from the whole Ukraine.


Teachers and heads of departments of the National University Odessa Law Academy as well as lawyers from the law companies Arzinger, ANC, Sergeevs Law Office presented the interesting reports.


Organizers’ comments:


“I would like to express much gratitude to Interlegal for assistance in the School on Maritime Law! I will be glad to support in future.


By the way, after the questionnaire on the best lecturers Andrey and Alexey were the first in the list, that is very pleasant too.”


Head of the Odessa Center of the League of Students, the Ukrainian Bar Association


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4 March 2013