XIII Annual International Seminar “Ship owner and Customs”

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XIII Annual International Seminar

“Ship owner and Customs”

24 September, 2010

Saint Petersburg • Exhibition Hall (11, Ostrovskogo square)


It has become a good tradition that the General Sponsor is the Russian State Insurance Company ‘Rosgosstrakh’.


The media partners were ‘Maritime News of Russia’, ‘The News of Sea Petersburg’ and ‘Customs News’ journals.


On 23 September the opening party was held in Count Milyutin mansion. Tatyana Chekalova, Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg, Executive Secretary of the Maritime Council of St. Petersburg, handed the notes of thanks on the behalf of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly on National Policy of the Russian Federation signed by the Chairman, Vyacheslav Popov to Arthur Nitsevych (International Law Offices), Nikolay Melnykov (International Law Offices), Eduard Kuznetsov (Marine Legal Services), Alberto Batini (BB & Partners), George Zambartas (L.G. Zambartas LLC), Anthony Robert Swinnerton (Swinnerton Moore LLP) for long term participation in Saint Petersburg international seminars ‘Defence of Ship Owners Interests’.


After that the Head of Remedy law firm, Andrey Suprunenko, awarded the most devoted participants of the seminar, namely: ‘Eneks’ CJSC, ‘Sea Brothers Shipping’ Ltd, ‘Euroshipping and Forwarding’ Ltd.


On 24 September at 9:30 a.m. the representatives of the companies engaged into the shipping business, representatives of the Russian and foreign companies, insurance companies and law firms and mass media gathered in the premises of the Exhibition Conference Center in Ostrovsky Square.


Andrey Suprunenko, the Head of Remedy, opened the seminar. The speeches of the seminar covered the issues on cooperation with the customs in Russia and abroad. The participants of the seminar got to know practical recommendations on cooperation with the customs in different countries.


The organizers of the seminar aimed to give clear solid and objective answers to crucial questions regarding cargo going through the customs, to keep all involved in shipping and transportation away from activities entailing considerable expenses or inconvenience.


The key speech was made by the representatives of the Baltic customs: Deputy Head of the Administrative Inquiries Department of the Baltic customs, Major of the Customs Service, Afinagentov Dmitriy and Head of the Department of Central Station on Customs Clearance and Control of the Baltic Customs, Smirnov Dmitriy that answered the questions of the participants. In particular, the issues covered procedures for customs clearance of fuel, oils, other sea stores, consequences of new customs rules for ship owners.



Julian Clark (Cambell Jonston Clark LLP, London) touched upon the issue related to drugs on board and how a not guilty person becomes guilty. The speaker demonstrated an improvised sketch: the participants were looking for the drugs in the premises where the seminar was held. The drugs were found under the carpet, it was like a game.


Alberto Batini (partner of the law firm BB & Partners) covered the issue on hidden costs related to the customs clearance.


Nikolay Melnykov, partner of International Law Offices, highlighted the mutual relations with the customs bodies of Ukraine.


George Zambartas (L.G. Zambartas LLC) dwelled upon the risks and consequences for ship owners, crew and cargo if the vessel calls into the port in the northern part of Cyprus. Moreover, Mr Zambartas covered the new system for tonnage duties, its application and advantages for ship owners, charterers and managers.


The problems, raised before the participants during the seminar and the possibilities for their solving, covered the interests of all parties to maritime business. The possibility to discuss important problems, to communicate with the colleagues and to establish new contacts provides to avoid serious mistakes and to find a new resolution of a problem. Remedy Law Firm http://www.remedy.ru}www.remedy.ru